Franklin Pierce as a bobblehead…there’s a market for that?

I am amazed at the various historical figures turned into bobbleheads. I guess I can understand Franklin Pierce for the crazy collector of presidential plastic, but Hannah Duston? Really? Bloody Hannah, who killed ten of her Algonquian captors as they slept (ok, so they had swung her infant by the ankles and dashed its brains out against a tree…nobody is a hero in war) and ran away, only to come back as an afterthought and scalp them for the bounty money? Hannah, who gets an approving write-up from Cotton Mather for her barbarity (this, after he preaches her neer do well sister into Hell’s mouth for the crime of double infanticide…it was quite the family…). Why the hell would you want a bobblehead of her, complete with the bloody axe?

And I thought my own Henry Hudson bobblehead was a little weird. I’ve come to the conclusion that in a country as large, affluent, and tasteless as ours, there’s a market for anything.

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  1. Who can explain the perpetual appeal of our obscure 14th President?

    Click on my name to go to my blog “Getting Pierced.” You might be particularly interested in the entry for August 10, 2008, “A Bobblehead Brouhaha.”

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